2018 Science Symposium

The Chehalis Basin ASRP Steering Committee hosted the Science Symposium September 19-20, 2018 in Chehalis. The two-day event was an opportunity to share findings from scientific research that informs the ASRP, as well as get feedback on the Ecological Diversity Region Prioritization.

All scientific presentations and associated reports are posted for distribution. The Ecological Diversity Region Prioritization is a basin wide effort to identify areas and actions to target for both restoration and protection of native aquatic species. Materials available include maps for each Ecological Diversity Region (EDR) as well as an overview panel describing the region, its ecological processes and potential solutions for restoration and protection within the area.

In order to conduct the prioritization most effectively, we need your input! Please look over what has been created thus far through this process, and let us know what you think. Do you agree with the findings? Did we miss an area of importance? Do you have information that we should incorporate into the ASRP?

Feedback is welcome at any time, though having your input by November 15, 2018 will enable us to integrate it into the ASRP better. Provide comments here.

For more information, please contact Emelie McKain at Emelie.McKain@dfw.wa.gov.

Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife has been conducting research to inform the Chehalis Basin ASRP for several years. Below are the studies presented at the Science Symposium in fall 2018.
In order to effectively organize and prioritize restoration and protection projects, the basin was split into 10 unique Ecological Diversity Regions (EDR’s). These areas have distinct ecological characteristics and processes that warrant tailored strategies for restoration. The overview boards below provide information about each region, ecological processes that are targeted for restoration or protection, and potential strategies for success of each. Your feedback is vital to strategizing projects to improve and protect aquatic species habitat throughout the basin. Please provide comments through this form by November 15, 2018. For questions or more information, please contact Emelie McKain at Emelie.McKain@dfw.wa.gov.