ASRP Phase I Draft Plan

The ASRP Phase I Draft Plan (Draft Plan) is scheduled to be released in November 2019. The Draft Plan builds on the 2017 Initial Outcomes and Needed Investments for Policy Consideration document, in which the Steering Committee, along with the SRT, identified five, interconnected, high-level strategies:

  1. Habitat and process protection: Protect intact ecosystems, unique habitats, and strategic areas that support critical ecosystem functions and priority spaces, e.g., develop and promote voluntary residential stewardship planning and habitat protection.
  2. Restoration: Restore ecosystem functions to support native aquatic and semi-aquatic species, e.g., reconnect off-channel and floodplain habitats.
  3. Community planning: Effectively plan for current and future conditions in the Chehalis Basin, e.g., support the implementation of comprehensive planning efforts that further the goals identified in the ASRP and the other interests of the local community.
  4. Community involvement: Engage landowners and Basin communities to ensure a successful plan and support implementation of actions, e.g., develop an ongoing process of landowner engagement to incorporate the initiative and expertise of landowners into ASRP planning and implementation efforts.
  5. Institutional capacity: Build institutional capacity of existing organizations for restoration, protection, and planning processes to achieve the scale of actions required, e.g., create a centralized and transparent system for project development and monitoring.

The Draft Plan will include analysis of details relative to the Basin’s Ecological Regions, projected potential outcomes based on three different Basin-wide implementation scenarios, and refinements to prior outcome and investment estimates. The Draft Plan, along with refinements made by the Steering Committee through public feedback, will be used by the Chehalis Basin Board as they develop the integrated Strategy and it will be a roadmap for ASRP implementation. The refined plan will serve as the Steering Committee’s recommendation to the Board and inform its final recommendation on the long-term Strategy.

Map of Chehalis Basin Ecological Regions