ASRP Phase I Draft Plan

The ASRP is being developed as a major component of the Chehalis Basin Strategy through a collaborative, sustained effort in three phases. The Phase 1 ASRP can be downloaded through the following links:

Map of Chehalis Basin Ecological Regions
Map of Chehalis Basin Ecological Regions

The Chehalis ASRP Steering Committee invites public comment on the Phase 1 ASRP document. This feedback will be used to inform future development and implementation of the plan. Input at this stage will be integral to the future success of the ASRP by helping to shape refinements to the strategies and actions outlined in this Phase 1 Plan. Please use the comment form to submit comments on this draft plan through January 14, 2020. Provide your comments here.

When submitting feedback, we are especially interested in reviewers’ responses to the following questions:

  1. What do you value about each of the three restoration and protection scenarios described in the ASRP and what would you change? Are there other actions and/or areas needed to make the basin more resilient to climate change?
  2.  The success of the ASRP relies on landowner support for increased restoration and protection. What additional actions/support is necessary to ensure landowners are supportive and helping to lead implementation through their involvement in this effort?
  3. The level of restoration needed in a relatively short timeframe is unprecedented.  What will improve the certainty that the work can get done at the scale proposed, and in the timeframe needed to counter the negative effects of climate change?
  4. For practitioners and those interested in doing restoration in the Chehalis Basin – How does the Phase 1 ASRP help you as a practitioner? Where do you see your role in implementing this plan? What specifically would you like added in future phases that would help you implement the actions needed to protect and restore aquatic habitat in the Chehalis Basin?