Current and Completed Actions

There is currently about $23 million in state funding being invested in local projects throughout the Basin to reduce flood damage and restore habitat, including floodwalls, restoration, and reconnecting flood plains. Through these and previous investments with the Strategy’s partners:

  • Evacuation routes and early flood warning systems have been established.
  • Home, businesses, and critical infrastructure like roads, sewers, water supplies, and wastewater treatment plants have been protected.
  • Raised farm pads have been installed at 26 basin locations to safeguard farms, livestock and farm equipment.
  • Dozens of fish passage barriers have been corrected, opening more than 100 miles of habitat for multiple steelhead and salmon species, including more than 55 miles that support adult and juvenile Spring chinook salmon.
  • Approximately 50 other habitat restoration projects have been completed or are nearing completion, including restoration work for the benefit of multiple aquatic species including seven acres over six miles of restored riparian function and improved water quality in an important chinook area of the lower basin.

The actions proposed in the Chehalis Basin Strategy aim to address these problems at a much larger, Basin-wide scale, adding on to these existing projects.

The below map provides a view of completed, in-progress, and proposed local scale flood damage reduction, floodproofing, farm pad, and aquatic species restoration projects, as well as gage locations that inform the Chehalis River Basin Flood Warning System.

To use the map: Click the arrow icon on the top left of the map to open a legend that allows you to view different layers for the map.