ASRP Implementation

Implementation To-Date

Aerial view of river and forest
  • Years Implementing Projects = 5
  • Projects funded = 58
  • Funding Invested = $9 Million
  • Miles of streams opened to migrating salmon and other aquatic species = 162.5 miles

Through the past five years, 54 fish passage barriers were corrected through grants to public and non-profit organizations to allow passage upstream for migrating salmon and other aquatic species. 10 miles of invasive riparian knotweed were removed or replanted, and one channel reconnection project was completed. In addition, designs for future projects were initiated to build on early momentum of ASRP implementation. The Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife initiated the design process for five “reach-scale” habitat restoration projects in different river sub-basins throughout the Chehalis Basin. These five projects will intensively restore up to 13 miles of aquatic and riparian habitat, and private landowners throughout each project reach are collaborating with WDFW on the design process.

Looking Ahead: 2019-2021 Biennium

  • Projects funded = 25
  • Funding Invested = $26 Million
  • Miles of restored habitat through funded projects = TBD
  • Miles of streams opened = TBD

During the 2019-21 biennium, the design phase for the five reach-scale projects will be completed and construction will begin. In addition, the ASRP Steering Committee and Office of Chehalis Basin funded 20 new projects through a Request for Proposals. This newly established grant round was focused on funding projects of all stages that target high-priority actions in geographic areas of importance throughout the Basin.