Implementing Habitat Projects

The Aquatic Species Restoration Plan (ASRP) relies on partnerships with local project sponsors and landowners to be successful. Starting in 2021, the program will roll out a new project implementation model that supports organizations to manage projects, and provides funding to restore and protect priority habitats throughout the Chehalis Basin.

Get involved: information for project implementers

Are you or your organization interested in implementing habitat projects in the Chehalis Basin?

Aquatic species restoration plan overview

The ASRP is overseen by a Steering Committee who has collaboratively developed program priorities and a structure for how projects will be developed and funded to achieve program goals. More details are provided in materials available for download, below.

Diagram showing 4 steps. Step 1: priorities and funding strategies. Step 2: project portfolio. Step 3: project reviews and funding allocations. Step 4: project implementation.

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