Protect Yourself from Flooding

The Office of Chehalis Basin has produced a guide to help people in the Chehalis Basin consider how to protect themselves and their property from flood damage. The three most important things you can do about flooding are:

  1. Know when a flood is coming
  2. Protect your property
  3. Carry flood insurance

The Office of Chehalis Basin recommends that you do all three to reduce damage from flooding. All three are introduced and summarized in this guide. There are links to websites that can help you and a list of more detailed references on the last page. The references are also linked below.

This guide describes common flood-related terms and programs, and various flood warning tools that can be used to better understand flood risk and be prepared. The guide also includes a description of various property protection measures like elevating structures or wet floodproofing, and provides basic information about flood insurance.

NFIP Insurance Premiums

Height Above/Below BFEAnnual Premium
3 feet > BFE$368
2 feet > BFE$490
1 foot > BFE$830
At BFE$1,722
1 foot < BFE$4,056
2 feet < BFE$6,029
3 feet < BFE$7,620