Protect Yourself from Flooding

The Office of Chehalis Basin has produced a guide to help people in the Chehalis Basin consider how to protect themselves and their property from flood damage. The three most important things you can do about flooding are:

  1. Know when a flood is coming
  2. Protect your property
  3. Carry flood insurance

This guide describes common flood-related terms and programs, and various flood warning tools that can be used to better understand flood risk and be prepared. The guide also includes a description of various property protection measures like elevating structures or wet floodproofing, and provides basic information about flood insurance.

The Office of Chehalis Basin has also produced a guide that will help residents prepare a household response plan. A household response plan is essentially a list of things that should be done at different times when a flood is predicted or is happening, to protect your family and your property. This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to prepare such a plan.

NFIP Insurance Premiums

Height Above/Below BFEAnnual Premium
3 feet > BFE$368
2 feet > BFE$490
1 foot > BFE$830
At BFE$1,722
1 foot < BFE$4,056
2 feet < BFE$6,029
3 feet < BFE$7,620
map of Grand Mound, WA
House on elevated foundation
Photo of lawn mower being loaded onto trailer
Photo of lawn mower on trailer