ASRP Phase I Draft Plan

The ASRP is being developed as a major component of the Chehalis Basin Strategy through a collaborative, sustained effort in three phases. The Phase 1 ASRP can be downloaded through the following links:

Map of Chehalis Basin Ecological Regoins
Map of Chehalis Basin Ecological Regions

The public comment period on the Phase 1 ASRP document closed on January 14th. The ASRP Steering Committee values the feedback submitted and is working to review all submitted comments. Feedback from the Phase 1 ASRP public comment period will be used to inform future development and implementation of the plan. Input at this stage is integral to the future success of the ASRP by helping to shape refinements to the strategies and actions outlined in this Phase 1 Plan.

Stay tuned for updates on how the Steering Committee is incorporating feedback into the next phase of the ASRP. For more information or to provide informal comments, please contact Emelie McKain at