Resources for Habitat Restoration Project Implementers

Are you a current partner on a project connected to the Aquatic Species Restoration Plan (ASRP)? The ASRP Steering Committee has developed the following guidance and resources to help practitioners develop and lead successful projects.

For more information about how to get involved, get in touch with a Regional Implementation Team Lead.

Upcoming Priority Areas and Actions

The map and table summarize priorities and rationale for upcoming ASRP project funding.

Map summarizing priorities for upcoming ASRP project funding.
Table summarizing priorities and rationale for upcoming ASRP project funding.

Project Implementation Process

The ASRP is overseen by a Steering Committee who has collaboratively developed program priorities and a structure for how projects will be developed and funded. More details are provided in materials available for download below.

Diagram showing 4 steps. Step 1: priorities and funding strategies. Step 2: project portfolio. Step 3: project reviews and funding allocations. Step 4: project implementation.

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