Resources for Basin Residents

Those of us who live, work, and spend time in the Chehalis Basin know it is a place unlike any other.

Our love for this special region is what brings so many different communities, interests, and people together to create a safe and strong future for coming generations.

We also know the uniqueness of this region brings its own challenges. The Chehalis Basin Strategy is a one-stop resource for getting in touch with experts, assistance, and funding for keeping your family, home, and business safe from flood damage, while protecting and improving habitat at the same time.

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Get Support

From floodproofing assistance, to on-the-ground restoration projects, to long-term flood preparedness planning, the Chehalis Basin Strategy and its partners are working at all levels across the region to make sure this continues to be a wonderful place to live.

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Agricultural Support

Get support with farm planning, erosion reduction, agricultural viability resources, and flood risk management.

Reach out to your local conservation district:

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Conservation Easements

Talk with a local land trust about protecting your land from development and preserving resources for generations to come.

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Culvert Assessment & Replacement

Better manage stormwater drainage on your property and improve fish passage at the same time.

Get in touch with a local sponsor that implements fish barrier removal projects: 

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Emergency Preparedness & Identifying Flood Risks

Download guides, sign up for alerts for your area, and get help preparing your own flood response plan.

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Erosion Reduction

Protect your land and help slow erosion with fish-friendly practices.

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Floodproofing Your Home or Business

Get free technical assistance with a custom floodproofing plan, and get connected to potential resources.

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Invasive Species Removal & Tree Plantings

Improve the land and benefit wildlife along rivers and streams on your property.

Get in touch with a Chehalis Basin Strategy ASRP regional implementation team lead:

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Relocation Support

Explore selling your home or business or moving it out of harm’s way.

River and Stream Restoration

Support healthy rivers and streams for fish and wildlife habitat, clean water, and natural beauty on your property.

Get in touch with a Chehalis Basin Strategy ASRP regional implementation team lead:

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Soil, Water & Wildlife Conditions

Connect with a conservation district on resource planning and management, specific to your location and needs:

Events Near Me

Learn more about the Strategy and share your voice at upcoming events.

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Don’t See What You’re Looking For?

We gladly provide residents with support including technical assistance, resources, and connections to the Chehalis Basin Strategy network. To find out more and request additional resources, contact the Office of Chehalis Basin.