Become a Habitat Restoration Partner

The Chehalis Basin Strategy and its Aquatic Species Restoration Plan (ASRP) partners are collaborating to restore approximately 550 miles of aquatic habitat throughout the Chehalis Basin. Local project sponsors and landowners who volunteer to pitch in are the ones who make this important work possible.

The ASRP helps organizations manage projects and provides funding to restore and protect priority habitats throughout the Chehalis Basin. You can be a part of this effort.

Upcoming Priority Areas and Actions

Curious to see if your property or potential project aligns with ASRP priorities? See where the ASRP is focusing upcoming project funding in the Chehalis Basin.

Get Involved

Are you or your organization interested in implementing a habitat project in the Chehalis Basin? Get in touch with a Regional Implementation Team lead to get updates on how to implement projects as part of a local team. Meetings are held virtually on the third Thursday of every month.

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