The Local Actions Non-Dam Alternative (LAND)

While reducing flood damage in the Chehalis Basin is urgent, it also requires serious thought and consideration to conserve the Basin’s rich ecosystem.

The Local Actions Non-Dam (LAND) Alternative is an effort to develop and evaluate a comprehensive, Basin-wide flood damage reduction approach that includes alternatives to the flood retention dam proposed by the Flood Control Zone District—taking into account long-term flood damage reduction, impacts on local wildlife, impacts on residents and businesses, and cost.

The LAND team leading the effort is now engaging with the area’s city and county planners, residents, the local business community, technical experts from state agencies, local and tribal governments, and others.

Follow the LAND Alternatives Development

You can read more about emerging potential alternatives, meet the LAND team, view interactive maps, and sign up for LAND Alternatives updates at

Webinar: Preview the Local Actions Non-Dam Alternatives (LAND)

Looking for more information on the current options under consideration? Listen to the Office of Chehalis Basin and partners give a one-hour informational update, plus answer community members’ questions. Closed captioning is available in English and Spanish.