Local Flood Solutions

Community members know better than anyone about what’s most important to keep them safe.

The Chehalis Basin Strategy depends on a strong partnership with local government members of the Chehalis River Basin Flood Authority (Flood Authority) to create local, on-the-ground solutions that protect people and communities from flood damage.

How we work together:

  • Communities come to the Flood Authority and let them know what’s needed to keep community assets and residents safe.
  • Together with the Flood Authority, we help communities design and construct the best, most cost-effective projects to meet their goals.
  • Smaller projects can go from idea to reality fast, and sometimes even under budget, so residents and local governments can quickly start to benefit. Larger projects benefit from the collective expertise and cooperation available from the many local governments working together through the Flood Authority.
  • We innovate and learn from what works so we can continue to use effective local strategies to protect people and communities.

Types of Local Flood Investments

Local flood solutions come in all shapes and sizes. These are just some of the projects we’ve invested in to protect people and property across the Chehalis Basin.

Protecting People and Livelihoods

Farm pad in field

Farm pads protect farm livelihoods by providing elevated places for livestock, equipment, and farm chemicals to stay dry and out of harm’s way during floods.

House with flood wall

Floodproofing pilot programs have included elevating homes in Thurston County, installing flood vents in homes in Bucoda, and moving homes out of floodplains.

Erosion management along water edge

Erosion management pilot programs use bioengineering to slow erosion and prevent land, buildings, and infrastructure from being washed away.

Protecting Communities and Infrastructure

Pump at Chehalis-Centralia airport

Engineered flood protection technologies include pump stations that effectively remove flood waters from priority areas—like the recently-completed Chehalis-Centralia Airport Pump project.

wastewater treatment plant

Essential protections are installed to reduce flood damage to infrastructure like wastewater treatment plants, industrial parks, drinking water wells, priority emergency response roads, and city centers.

Preparing Residents and Officials for Flood Emergencies

warning system screenshot

The Chehalis River Basin Flood Warning System provides critical safety alerts to Basin residents, as well real-time information to track and monitor flood conditions (rising rivers, weather forecasts, and road closures).

Aerial view of flooded downtown

Emergency management training workshops for permit officials and emergency management staff improve Basin-wide flood readiness and emergency response.