What We Do

The Chehalis Basin Strategy supports safe communities and healthy habitats across the region by creating solutions to reduce flood damage and reverse the loss of aquatic species like salmon. We take action by:

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Helping residents and communities protect homes and businesses from flood damage

Working with landowners to slow harmful erosion and restore habitats for salmon and other aquatic life

Preparing the region for more frequent major and catastrophic flooding

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Aquatic Species Restoration Plan

Coordinating habitat restoration efforts across the Chehalis Basin to restore aquatic life

Flood Assistance for Residents and Business Owners

Helping you prepare your home or business for flooding

Flood Management Programs

Supporting tribes and local governments with technical assistance and planning

Local Action Non-Dam Alternatives for Flood Damage

Developing a long-term plan to reduce catastrophic flood damage separate from the proposed dam

Skookumchuck Dam Study

Studying opportunities to reduce flood damage and/or improve fish passage

Local Flood Solutions

Creating on-the-ground solutions to protect against flood damage

Proposed Flood Protection Dam

Evaluating a potential dam on the Chehalis River to protect against catastrophic flood damage

By the Numbers

On the Ground Projects
On-the-ground projects completed or underway today in the Chehalis Basin
Flood Damage Reduction Projects
Flood damage reduction projects completed between 2017 and 2021
Aquatic Species Projects
Aquatic species restoration projects completed or in progress
Shoreline Feet
Feet of river shoreline re-vegetated in 2021
Treated Acres
Acres treated for invasive plants in 2021
Property Owners Consulted
Property owners consulted in 2021 to lower flood insurance premiums and protect homes from flood damage