Flood Management Programs

Helping you help residents and businesses.

Flooding is a fact of life in the Chehalis Basin. While tribal and local governments know how to help protect residents and businesses in their communities, capacity and resources are often limited. We can help you take your programs to the next level.

Services Offered

We can help tribal and local governments with:

  • Education, training, workshops, and technical assistance to help local officials, staff, and community members administer their floodplain management regulations during normal times and after a flood or other disaster
  • Technical neighborhood analyses to identify flood risks as well as opportunities for risk reduction for specific areas, neighborhoods, or properties within your jurisdiction    
  • Community Rating System (CRS) support, including help joining the CRS and help with new or improved activities to assist your residents who are facing increasingly higher National Flood Insurance Program policy premiums
  • Support identifying funding opportunities for flood damage reduction projects

Guides, Workshops, and References for Local and Tribal Governments

Working on building or updating your community flood management program? Use this reference library to access resources and other materials.



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